Newborn sessions are specialized portrait sessions for babies under two weeks old. There is detailed information about these sessions and pricing under the the photo gallery.

Newborn Session pricing

Detailed information about newborn sessions are below

Newborn Session Information:


Newborn sessions are extremely specialized sessions. They last anywhere from 1.5 to three hours because we have to take the needs of the baby into consideration. I typically will bring my equipment to your home for the comfort of the baby and convenience to the parents. You are of course welcome to bring the baby to my in-home studio if you wish.

Newborn sessions are for infants under 2 weeks old, unless they are premature or have other health issues. If so, the age range is more flexible. 

Please Note:

You will need to keep the room the baby will be photographed quite warm. A cool room will keep the baby awake and unhappy while a warm space makes it more likely the baby will relax and sleep. I do bring a space heater and/or heating pad.

Please be sure the baby has been recently fed at the start of the session. A full baby is a more content and sleepy baby, which makes for better photos.

I bring many blankets and props for the baby. These are washed after every session because it is not unusual for babies to piddle (or worse) on the blankets. If this happens, don't be embarrassed. It happens all the time, and sometimes I am the one to get piddled on.

If your baby is agitated or hungry, do not be concerned if you decide to feed him or her. This is not an inconvenience and that is one reason the time for a newborn session is so extended. You are welcome to comfort or feed your baby whenever you wish. 

Parents are invited to sit in on the sessions, but I ask that not too many adults are present as it is difficult to maneuver with too many people in the room. 

The babies are often positioned for the photography, if there is something you prefer or do not want, please let me know. Communication is essential with newborn sessions. I want you and your child to be comfortable.

Often newborns are photographed in the nude for these sessions, but that is not necessary, It is totally up to the parents. However, if you do wish to have the baby in a diaper, please find a cloth diaper or a diaper cover to use. Disposable diapers are not attractive for portraits.

Clothing- if you have an outfit for your child, please make sure it is snug-fitting and does not have loose panels or collars, etc. that will easily get dislodged. Simple, tight clothes are most attractive for newborns. Save the fancy outfits for a little bit later.

If you have props or items you wish to have photographed with the baby, by all means let me know, and I will do my best to incorporate these items int he portraits.

These sessions are entirely at the whim of the baby. Sometimes the baby will be fussy or awake, and these times make the photography more difficult. Because of this I cannot always get all the poses or outfits in that you might wish. So please rank what you most wish for and let me know, so I can make sure those are done while the baby is most cooperative.

You will receive between around fully edited images from this session. Although the session is long and many photos will be taken, newborn photography is complicated and capturing just the right images is complicated. Every image is fully and beautifully edited.